Volvo Tractor - FM500 64T D
Volvo Tractor - FM500 64T D1
Volvo Tractor - FM500 64T D2
Volvo Tractor - FM500 64T D3

Volvo Tractor - FM500 64T D

Vehicle model: 6X4
Total mass of vehicle connection: 60 ton
Vehicle width: Up to 2500 mm
Driving cab:  FM-HSLP5 High-top sleeper cab
Engine: 12.8 liter diesel engine
Horsepower: 500ps
Gear box: New automatic shift gearbox
Wheel base: 3400mm+1370mm
Emission standard: National VI
Others: Torque 2600Nm,12-speed,clutchless pedal,single reduction,dual-drive tandem,air suspension,Rear drive axle can be raised.
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