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SITRAK CH7 Tractor

Vehicle model CH7 Tractor 
Product color  Customizable
Engine model MC13H.51-61
Transmission model ZF12TX2620  TD
Horsepower(ps) 510
Displacemen(ml) 1300
Cab form C7H-G Cab Classic Edition with guide hood and side air guide plate
Steering gear Bosch
Speed ratio 2.85
Front axle (disc) VPD71DS
Rear axle (disc) MCY12BES
Overall size(mm) 6482*2510*3980
Tire Front aluminum alloy wheels (domestic) + rear lightweight wheels
Tire size 295/80R22.5
Other configurations TGA Technical frame - Version B, Front little rear air suspension (2/-/-), Road version intake system, limit 89km/h, Standard version exhaust system, ABS(4S/4M)+ESC, Low bumper (non metal), 50#JOST saddle, integral mudguard.
Fuel tank 860L+240L dual fuel tank
Battery 240AH AGM battery
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