Hybrid butterfly valves
Hybrid butterfly valves1

Hybrid butterfly valves

1 Lightweight Compact Aluminum Body or Corrosion Resistant 303 Stainless Steel Body
2 Available Configurations:
Seat Options: White Nitrile (FDA), Black Viton® A (FKM), Blue Petro
Disc Options: Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Aluminum, Nylon Coated 
3 Applications include Crude Oil, Liquid, Powder and Refined Fuel Products, Fertilizer  
4 Industry Standard 4-inch TTMA Flange Mounting Pattern
5 1-1/8" Thick body profile can easily replace competitor's wet/dry valves
6 10-Position Metering (throttle) Style Handle, available in Aluminum or Steel 8" 12"
7 Replaceable Seat
8 Maximum Operating Pressure: 75psi
9 Temperature Range:    
White Nitrile -40° to 300°F (-40° to 148°C)
Black Viton® 0° to 400°F (-18° to 205°C)
Blue Petro -40° to 320°F (-40° to 165°C)
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