1 Two-piece aluminum construction with a rotatable, hard-coated adaptor for longer life
2 Heavy duty poppet with an acetal resin bearing for smoother opening characteristics
3 Computer designed cam profile provides easy opening
4 Designed in accordance with API RP-1004, with a standard 4" TTMA Flange
5 Aluminum-lever resists corrosion and breaking
6 Mounting lugs provided for Model 300 Brake Interlock Valve
7 Operating lever closes away from the operator with minimal rotation for increased operator convenience
8 Compatible with diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, ethanol and methanol
9 Flat bottom ensures complete drainage
10 Viton GFLT seals are standard for compatibility with fuels and additives
11 Improved design minimizes pressure drop
12 Stainless steel internals
13 Quick-strip can be serviced easily
14 Super smooth lever action
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