Mercedes Benz ACTROS Tractor - 2648 6*4
Mercedes Benz ACTROS Tractor - 2648 6*41
Mercedes Benz ACTROS Tractor - 2648 6*42
Mercedes Benz ACTROS Tractor - 2648 6*43

Mercedes Benz ACTROS Tractor - 2648 6*4

Brand Mercedes Benz
Vehicle model ACTROS 2648 6*4 Highway tractor premium edition
Exterior Original factory adjustable guide hood, single side folding, aerodynamic chassis guide guard plate, aerodynamic A pillar
Product color  White
Engine model The third generation OM 471 LA inline 6-cylinder engine
Oil suply system 2,700 bar ultra-high pressure common rail injection
Emission standard National VI
Transmission model G 281 PowerShift 3 12-speed smart hand self integrated transmission
Function Three driving modes, D/R gear pre-selected fast switch, creep start, economic taxi function
Maxium power 480hp
Displacemen(ml) 12.8L
Urea tank volume 90L
Front axle Sunken front axle, 2 pieces of parabolic spring, with stabilizer bar
Rear drive axle Twin-bridge 8 bag air suspension with differential lock
Rear axle ratio 2.643, optional 2.846
Tire 315/70R22.5
Fuel tank capcity 570L+420L
Maximum torque 2,300 +200 N.m exclusive TOP Torque automatic torque increase system
Other configurations ABA 5 5th Generation Active Brake Assist system, LDWS Lane Departure Warning System, FCWS Front Collision Warning System, AA Driver Attention Assist System, EBS Electronic Brake System (including ABS and ASR),ESP electronic body stability system, constant speed cruise, etc.
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