FAW Jiefang Dump Truck
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FAW Jiefang Dump Truck


Brand FAW Jiefang Kilometers (km) 2300
Product Name/Color  Dump Truck/Green Vehicle condition good
Engine model CA6DK1-32E5 Emission standard National V
Engine number 60562419 Total mass (KG) 31000
Vehicle identification code LFNMVUNP8L1E49923 Rated load capacity (Kg) 16960
Transmission model FAW CA10TA130F Curb weight (Kg) 13910
Date of registration 2021-12-8 Number of axles 4
Horsepower (ps) 320 Wheelbase (mm) 1900+2250+1350
Displacement (ml) 7146 Overall dimensions (mm) 8650*2550*3300
Number of passengers allowed (person) 2 Cargo box size (mm) 5600*2300*900
Vehicle model CA3310P62K1L1T4E5 Number of tires 12
Cab form  Flat top Tire specifications 11.00R20
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